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How to Cut Your ACH Payroll Processing Costs in Half

Thursday, November 02, 2017
How to Cut Your ACH Payroll Processing Costs in Half

Do you have your bank do your HR, payroll, workers' comp, or benefits administration?

If not, then why do you have them manage your ACH direct deposits, especially when they never reconcile your account? Not reconciling your payroll account opens you up to significant liability with local taxing agencies and the IRS...

What if you could take advantage of a best-of-breed solution for ACH for payroll processing that proactively reconciles your payroll accounts so you are never out of balance – and what if this cut your ACH payroll costs by up to 50%? Would you consider changing, especially if nothing had to change with your bank account?

All of the above is possible with our Quantum payroll reconciliation service for PEOs, ASOs and payroll providers, if you qualify.

How Quantum Works

  • To qualify, you must have an average balance of at least $500k and be on the credit method
  • You give us access to your current bank account
  • You send us your payroll information and we make payments on your behalf
  • Each month, we reconcile your payroll funds the same way we reconcile direct deposit funds as part of our ACH for payroll processing service

How Quantum Compares to Your Bank

  • Your bank also co-manages your account and makes ACH direct deposits on your behalf
  • Banks will never reconcile your account
  • Banks are generalists – they offer a limited amount of experience and this has been our core business since 2001
  • Because ACH payroll is our core business, we often beat bank pricing by up to 50%

If We Can't Save You Money, We'll Give It to You

If you'd like to evaluate your current ACH payroll and reconciliation situation, consider taking advantage of our free ACH for payroll processing audit. We'll conduct a thorough review of your current pricing. If we can't do the work for less than you're paying now, we'll give you $50 for your time.

What do you have to lose?

Contact us for a no-obligation audit of your ACH payroll costs



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