ACH Payroll Processing

ACH Payroll Processing

Cachet's patented online system has automated the entire ACH direct deposit process for the payroll industry, giving us the ability to provide you with more personalized service.

We provide ACH Processing for electronic transactions such as:

  • Direct deposits
  • Tax payments
  • Garnishment payments
  • Benefits payments
  • 401(k) payments
  • Expense reimbursement
  • Agency checks
  • Fee collections
  • Other payroll related items

Cachet's system accepts standard payroll industry formatted files. Consolidate all of your client transactions into one file per day; each individual file can include multiple settlement dates and multiple batches per client.

Each payroll related transaction type (per Client) can also be separated by batch. Our unique automation process enables us to provide payroll processors with the most efficient and economical service available.

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ACH Direct Deposit System Features & Benefits

Double Entry Our patented double entry system eliminates your reconciliation nightmares, saving you time and money.

Bonded Cachet's $50 million dollar crime bond can assist you in marketing and protecting your business. The bond provides added protection for client funds. ACH transactions are not considered insured transactions by banks through FDIC.

Web-Based Our user-friendly online system is accessible 24/7. Easily upload ACH direct deposit files or access all of your ACH history online, as far back as the beginning of the prior year.

Maintain Control Delete files, suspend batches, edit individual transactions and obtain return information via our online ACH system.


ACH Direct Deposit Payroll Processing
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