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Cachet’s $50 million dollar crime bond can assist you in marketing and protecting your business. The bond provides added protection for client funds. ACH transactions are not considered insured transactions by banks through FDIC.

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Transaction Type Overview

Cachet provides ACH processing services for payroll-related electronic transactions,
including the following:

Client Testimonials

  • “The Staff memebers we deal with are quick and very knowledgeable on questions presented.”

    Andrew Argo,
    All Pay Hr, Inc.
  • “I’m so thankful to your team for holding it open until 11pm EST! This prevented a huge client problem and I am very grateful. I know your other clients that were affected are as well. Thank you for a long and loyal partnership!”

    CEO, Thread HCM (formerly Choice Payroll)
  • “Any time we have had a question or problem, Cachet is knowledgeable and responsive.”

    Clinton Wiggins,
    Wiggins Payroll, Inc.
  • “Cachet reps are always very helpful and courteous.”

    Cynthia Mata,
    Web Payroll & Tax Solutions
  • “The account setup process was quick and easy, and the website is easy to navigate. The support team is extremely helpful when help is needed!”

    David Bird,
    Business Financial Group
  • “We converted tax filing systems and the outgoing tax payment file was not 100% NACHA formatted.  Cachet and Hanan have been extremely helpful in converting the files to NACHA format so we can successfully load our payment file.  They have been instrumental in helping our software vendor test files to ensure 100% NACHA compliance.”

    Debbie Ford,
    Payroll Office of America
  • “I have had a lot of interaction with Cachet as we are new to the automated ACH process. I always walk away with a very positive feeling.”

    Frank Penevolpe,
    Shore Payroll Solutions
  • “Without a doubt processing ACH transactions through Cachet is a breeze, compared to the torture I went through prior to switching over to Cachet.  I have the highest regard for your system and I continuously recommend your system to accountants and CPAs.”

    Kurt Toegel,
    PPS Inc.
  • “I needed to submit an ACH transaction late several days ago.  Sophia stayed on the line while I processed the transaction and made sure it was processed for the following day.”

    Marv Tauber,
    Payroll Ventures
  • “Everyone is always very professional and friendly.”

    Paula Balugas,
    Paymedia LLC
  • “We had an issue with a client that caused a delay in funds.  Every time i talked with someone at cachet they were very reasonable and understanding of the situation.”

    Samantha Mercer,
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