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Why Use Direct Deposit? InfographIC

ACH Direct Deposit Payroll Processing Infographic

Why use direct deposit? We've come up with a few good reasons.

Namely, your employees and the environment too.

So come on start-ups, small businesses and businesses with just a few employees (this includes those of you working out of your home office!).

Check it out.

If direct deposit makes sense for you, give us a call at (855) 591-9865.



News Releases

  • 01-Jul-2014

    Cachet Financial Services Extends ACH Processing Window to 6:00 pm

    Cachet Financial Services announces that it has extended its transmission deadline to 6:00 pm PT, effective July 1, 2014. Cachet’s previous transmission cut-off time was 5:00 pm PT. The extension is in line with the company’s mission to expand th...

    Cachet-PressRelease-ExtendedTransmissonDeadline-6-30-14.pdf Cachet-PressRelease-ExtendedTransmissonDeadline-6-30-14.pdf

  • 04-Sep-2013

    Cachet Banq, Inc. Announces Company Name Change and Executive Assignments

    Cachet Banq, Inc. announces that it has changed its company name to Cachet Financial Services, effective immediately. The name change is in line with the company’s mission to expand their solutions and services; strengthening the company’s overal...

    Cachet-PressRelease-NameExecutiveChanges.9-4-13.pdf Cachet-PressRelease-NameExecutiveChanges.9-4-13.pdf

  • 25-Apr-2012

    The Bancorp Bank Teams Up with Cachet Banq, Inc.

    The Bancorp Bank, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Bancorp, Inc. (NASDAQ: TBBK), has announced a collaboration with Cachet Banq, Inc., a national financial services company located in Southern California. The Bancorp Bank serves as an ACH sponsor ban...

    The Bancorp Bank Teams Up with Cachet Banq, Inc The Bancorp Bank Teams Up with Cachet Banq, Inc

  • 01-Jan-2011

    Cachet Banq and Payroll Tax Management Announce Internal Promotion for Key Personnel

    Payroll Tax Management, Inc. (PTM), a national provider of payroll tax filing systems and services, is excited to announce the promotion of Brandi Utria to Director of Sales for PTM and Cachet Banq. The addition of Brandi Utria to the management team...

    CachetPTM-PressRelease-DirectorOfSales.1-25-11 CachetPTM-PressRelease-DirectorOfSales.1-25-11

  • 07-May-2008


    Cachet Banq is pleased to announce that National Services Inc. (NSI), a sister company of Cachet, has purchased Plus One Sports, DBA: Powerbilt (POS). POS is a nationally exclusive golf distributor for Hillerich and Bradsby Co. (H&B), which is based ...

    Cachet-PressRelease-PlusOne.5-7-08 Cachet-PressRelease-PlusOne.5-7-08

Articles & Advertisements

  • 01-Oct-2014

    PASBA Insider Magazine

    Fall 2014

    PASBA-Insider-Fall-2014 PASBA-Insider-Fall-2014

  • 15-Sep-2014

    NAPEO's Annual Conference & Marketplace

    Miami, FL

    NAPEOadwithcover.jpg NAPEOadwithcover.jpg

  • 06-Aug-2014

    2014 IPPA Annual Conference

    Huntington Beach, CA

    ippahbwithcover ippahbwithcover

  • 07-May-2014

    2014 TPG Annual Conference

    Jacksonville, FL

    tpgadwithcover tpgadwithcover

  • 07-Apr-2014

    PASBA Insider Magazine

    Spring 2014

    PASBAwithcover PASBAwithcover

  • 01-Jul-2013

    NACHA ePayments Marketplace

    Banner ad announcing company name change.

    Name-Change-Banner-Ad Name-Change-Banner-Ad

  • 01-Feb-2009

    Preserving the Invoice from an ACH Perspective

    In the midst of this economic crisis, many service-based businesses are looking for new ways to tighten down their internal policies and procedures to avoid additional losses to their business. Now more than ever, PEOs may end up holding the liabilit...

    PEOInsiderMagazineArticle-National.Feb09 PEOInsiderMagazineArticle-National.Feb09

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