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Whether you’re a service bureau, PEO, ASO or in-house payroll team, we understand that managing daily impound settlement accounts takes manpower. As you know, being out of balance incurs possible fees and agency fines. Your interest in QUANTUM means you're ready to realize a cost savings - you're ready for automated systems - you're ready to be in balance daily and mitigate your reisk as a payroll provider!

We’re ready too. We have essentially two product offerings: QUANTUM Impound and QUANTUM OBC - both offering a standard 10% reduction from your stated bank fees and an ACH volume discount that continues your savings.

QUANTUM Impound: Offering Account level and/or client-by-client level reconciliation, Quantum Impound streamlines your managed impound account reconciliation efforts, as well as protects you from unnecessary licensing requirements. Our QUANTUM Impound service is designed to be cost-effective, easy to use, and managed in one place. Best of all, it’s automated.

QUANTUM OBC: QUANTUM OBC is the newest Quantum offering, providing client-by-client reconciliation of a company’s Official Bank Check (OBC) bank account. Giving a company multiple check printing options, this streamlined service cannot be found anywhere else in the market. It can provide incredible relief to a headache causing process.

Your setup requirements checklist:

  • New Account Application
  • Funds Held for Clients' Terms and Conditions
  • Check Register Review
  • Remarketer Master File
  • Bank Analysis Review
  • Bank Statement Review
  • Positive Pay Information and Setup

With the Quantum program, there is accuracy, consistency and automation along with a tremendous service level with consultation that is always available, keeping costs low and productivity high.

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