Where Payroll Funds, Banking and ACH Meet

Where Payroll Funds, Banking and ACH MeetTM


With Quantum, all systems have been specifically structured to benefit the payroll industry! You and your clients will have various automated steps to manage impound account reconciliation in one easy-to-use platform. With procedures developed with your clients in mind, Quantum will provide numerous reporting capabilities that allows for data from a single entry system. If you're the one actually doing the processing, our reporting will resonate with your daily account reconciliation efforts.

Reporting includes: account reconciliation, client-by-client (double entry), account reconciliation, by bank (double entry), balanced bank tax account (double entry), and balanced client-by-client tax account (double entry) – every double entry advantage you ever deemed possible on a daily basis!

When it comes to working through returns and during the course of the month, our program includes: Multiple NSF notices (until collected), NSF "returns" notifications (multiple), NOC "returns" notifications (multiple), and NSF "call back" program (assisted collections program). On a monthly basis, you'll receive an analysis statement which will include your daily balances and will account for items important to your reconciliation efforts.

Plenty at your fingertips but in case you do need assistance, client support is readily available.

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