Direct Wire Service

Direct Wire Service

The Cachet Financial Services direct wire service offers the same benefits as our automated reverse wire service but is for payroll provider clients needing to make a one-off payment.

Often, this is because one of your clients’ needs to make a larger one-time payment, perhaps to pay bonuses, or for new clients where more trust needs to be established before you want to offer an ACH payroll processing option.

Pros & Cons

Compared to automated reverse wire, direct wire is less convenient and more costly: your client has to initiate the wire at their bank, and both the bank and Cachet Financial Services have to charge you because of the manual processing involved.

However, it gives our payroll provider clients the protection needed in the situations described above or in other risky scenarios.

How It Works

  • Payroll provider clients initiate the direct wire to Cachet
  • Payroll providers submit a standard ACH payroll file to Cachet
  • Cachet manually suspends the batch for that client and processes the direct wire separately from the standard payroll file
  • Once the payroll funds are confirmed, Cachet releases the employee direct deposit and tax payment transactions
  • Payroll providers are protected from exposure as direct deposits are not released to the Federal Reserve Bank for any unconfirmed funds

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