Where Payroll Funds, Banking and ACH Meet

Where Payroll Funds, Banking and ACH MeetTM

Automated Client-by-Client Reconciliation

Quantum a new simplified managed impound account reconciliation solution

We asked ourselves, why are payroll companies always out of balance? In the industry, some may not even realize this is an issue or they just do not have the resources to correct it. That's why Cachet developed the Quantum product series with a specific purpose in mind: to make it easier for payroll providers to achieve daily reconciliation of the transactions moving through their Funds Held For Client account. By combining everything you'll need including better quality data and a time savings effort with automation, the Quantum product oozes simplicity. Automation can be done by FEIN or end user client (bank or client level) on a daily basis. We think this is why the Quantum product series has become the preferred solution for payroll providers across the country who now wonder what they did without it!

This is a web-based system and as we confidently say, it was Cloud before there was Cloud! Our double entry system is the only one in the market that allows for and corrects data from single entry systems to guarantee balanced results. Which makes Quantum quite unique. We have three patents (with one more pending) that are specific to the payroll industry, with output standard to NACHA, and 150 up front checks and balances. It's the only patent pending, fully automated system of its kind covering nearly every payroll system, almost every bank, for every remarketer attempting to manage impound account reconciliation.

We've simplified the complicated and you and your clients are the beneficiaries. If you are tired of reconciling your impound accounts, you can stop now. No more chasing a balancing schedule that just keeps getting put off for other core business obligations. You don't need to do impound account reconciliation manually anymore.

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