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The Quantum product series ensures that managed impound settlement accounts reduce risk starting with our patent pending double entry system. Most, if not all, payroll, banking and ACH systems are single entry. This has inherent risk factors particularly when it comes to returns. Losing track of returns in itself is risky. Several current users have realized return rates of 2/10,000ths % – significantly lower than industry averages and helping users keep their dollars in their pocket.

New to the industry, we have a unique NSF Precheck™ system that is available on a client-by-client basis. Our NSF protection plan, which includes multiple NSF returns notices, will keep you sleeping soundly at night. We even have a call back assisted collection program done for you as part of our service! If you really get in trouble, NSF rescue is available to help you stay on top of reconciliation and stay in balance all in effort to minimize your risk as a payroll provider! As part of your Quantum service, you’ll receive a detailed out of balance report available client-by-client. This is the ‘heads up’ your clients will truly appreciate. Then there's the audits that are also client-by-client that are facilitated three times each year. It's a system control that will validate how the "Funds Held for Client" automated reconciliation is working.

Wrapping risk management controls is our multi-million dollar crime bond available with the Quantum product series as well with our traditional ACH processing. Essentially, it protects your clients' funds while in process by Cachet. Additionally, Quantum is supported by multiple "hot site" redundancy and backup services that is tested by "white hats" with controls under our SOC 1 and SOC 2 (infrastructure) audits.

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