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ACH Payroll Processing for Less Stress in 2018

Monday, January 15, 2018
ACH Payroll Processing for Less Stress in 2018

Very few jobs come with as high expectations for reliability as the job of the payroll provider. When it comes to getting people – and taxes – paid accurately, securely and on time, there's little room for error.

It doesn't matter what the hurdles are – getting the payroll right is a fundamental obligation. Which is why the 21,000 members of The American Payroll Association were raising the alarms before the new tax law was even passed. The massive overhaul, which took effect only a week after its enactment, will put a burden on both the IRS and the payroll industry to get new rules into effect with very little lead time.

With changes that include the elimination of personal deductions, new tax brackets and hundreds of pages of new rules, the IRS has a lot of work to do in the year ahead – and payroll providers will have to keep up.

Cachet and ACH Payroll Processing = A Whole List of Things You Don't Have to Stress About

While we can't promise you a feet-up-on-the desk kind of year, Cachet Financial Services can provide the kind of reliable and personalized ACH payroll service that will make your job easier. Fast, accessible and secure, our ACH payroll processing services are reliable headache prevention in any year. In 2018, it might feel more like a rescue.

Cachet ACH payroll processing can save you time, money and aggravation in processing a variety of transactions:

  • Direct deposit
  • Garnishment payments
  • 401(k) payments
  • Agency checks
  • Tax payments
  • Benefit payments
  • Expense reimbursements
  • Fee collection

Our automated ACH payroll processing provides the safest, most efficient and cost-effective service in the industry, with online access, a patented double entry system that eliminates reconciliation hassles, and a $50 million crime bond for added security. We also offer wire service options to reduce exposure from high-risk transactions.

Our clients can also take advantage of same day ACH processing – a service which enters its final phase of implementation on March 16, and will require RDFIs to accept and post same day ACH credits by 5pm local RDFI time.

Same day processing provides a flexibility for situations that require expedited payments. While the option has been welcomed by payroll providers, it is costly compared to standard ACH processing. We recommend reserving it for emergencies.  There are also some limitations, including a $25,000 maximum.

Partner with a $140B ACH Direct Deposit Provider

At Cachet Financial Services, we focus only on ACH and directly related services for the payroll industry, processing approximately $140 billion annually in ACH direct deposit transactions for more than 110,000 employers. We are industry innovators, dedicated to finding solutions and making things easier for our corporate and payroll clients. We understand the challenges you face this year, and every year. Our experts are available to answer your questions about using same day ACH payroll processing or any other ACH processing questions.

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