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ACH Payroll Provider Case Study: Shepherd Business Solutions

Wednesday, January 25, 2017
ACH Payroll Provider Case Study: Shepherd Business Solutions

Shepherd Business Solutions, Inc. is a full-service professional employer organization (PEO) based in Mesa, Arizona.

Lynn Bradburn, Shepherd's payroll director, sought an ACH direct deposit payroll processing partner that could provide better accuracy and flexibility. Having previously utilized Cachet Financial Service at a past enterprise, Bradburn hired us to manage their ACH payroll processing. Our services saves Shepherd at least 10 hours per month, which can be used to develop new clients.

ACH Payroll Processing Problems

Shepherd encountered problems with their software provider in the past. The company struggled to create accurate files. The technology itself was difficult to understand and the partner didn’t offer much assistance to fix the issues. Furthermore, the system provider operated on the East Coast, resulting in conflicting schedules and deadlines for ACH transfers.

Setting up files and dealing with tricky software were two concerns the business in their search for a payroll ACH provider. Shepherd Business Solutions wanted to make sure these obstacles were taken care of in an effective manner with its new partner. Since Cachet had tackled these issues seamlessly previously, Shepherd’s decision was easy.

ACH Payroll Solution

Since Shepherd offers PEO services to over 20 clients, Bradburn needed a ACH payroll solution that truly understood her company’s needs. Due to Cachet operating on Pacific time, Shepherd was able to request transfers in correspondence with its own schedule.

Cachet offered easy-to-use software as well as in-depth training on the technology to set Shepherd Business Solutions up for success in a short period of time.

Real People

In addition, Bradburn praised the ability to talk to a real person when problems do arise. Cachet’s strong customer service solved file issues, and the company’s prompt notification system alerted Shepherd to any rejected files in a timely manner, returning the funds to the sender for completion.

Seamless ACH Payroll Implementation

Shepherd Business Solutions enjoys the seamlessness with which Cachet’s assistance was implemented. The process to create and send files is simple, enabling the organization to manage its funds efficiently and without worry.

Crime Bond

Additionally, Cachet’s $50 million crime bond, which protects company funds when they’re in Cachet’s possession, was a large selling point for Shepherd. Bradburn can now rest assured that her organization and its clients are covered, no matter what the situation.

Executive leaders at Shepherd Business Solutions feel secure in its partnership with Cachet. They’ve even implemented the services of Payroll Tax Management (PTM) due to the strength of its payroll ACH relationship, since both Cachet and PTM are owned by FBG Holdings.

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About Shepherd Business Solutions

Shepherd Business Solutions is a full service PEO Firm. From payroll, HR, human capital management, and workforce tracking, all the way to business liability insurances and employee benefits we have the solutions. Shepherd’s technology is designed to manage everything required for your employees. Our programs allow you to track your employees down to skill level as well as company property assigned in one place easily accessible 24 hours a day from anywhere.

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