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Deep in Armadillo Country, PEO and ASO Professionals to Catch Up At PrismHR LIVE

Tuesday, May 29, 2018
Deep in Armadillo Country, PEO and ASO Professionals to Catch Up At PrismHR LIVE

What is surprisingly fast, well-protected and a featured participant in next month’s PrismHR LIVE 2018 conference in San Antonio, Texas?

If you guessed Cachet Financial Services, which provides fast and secure ACH processing options for payroll and will be exhibiting at the June 10-13 event for outsourcing payroll and HR leaders ... you are not entirely wrong.

But we are speaking here of “Speed Bump,” star of a four-member armadillo racing team competing as part of a networking event for conference attendees on June 12.

As an official state mammal of Texas, armadillos have a place of honor at any respectable gathering of professionals in the Lone Star State, but throw in a lot of HR and payroll types and you’ve got a fit that is as well-aligned as the plates on a nine-banded armadillo. Armadillos, after all, employ a lot of creative problem solving to protect against a wide variety of threats.

Cachet and PrismHR Partnership Creates Flexible Payroll Options

While our team members do not, as a rule, roll themselves into a ball when confronted, our partnership with conference host PrismHR creates a flexible and well-rounded array of options and efficiencies for our clients.

Under our licensor partnership agreement with PrismHR, the convenient Cachet ACH processing is fully integrated with PrismHR platforms. That’s an edge that allows Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) and Administrative Service Organizations (ASOs) to access the most comprehensive HR technology available, with the flexibility of no-hassle uploading for direct deposit payroll with options for same-day ACH.

Leading HR Platform for PEOs and ASOs

PrismHR is the largest payroll, benefits and HR software platform available for PEOs and ASOs, providing benefits to more than 2 million employees and processing more than $55 billion in payroll annually.

The company’s annual conference draws industry attendees from across the country who come to network, gather insights about the state and future of HR outsourcing, and to attend a wide variety of educational tracks and speaker sessions.

Stop by Booth #14 to speak with one of our ACH payroll processing experts. Or click on the link below to schedule a meeting at PrismHR Live. Hope to see you there!

Contact us to Schedule a Meeting at PrismHR LIVE June 10-13

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