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Don't Overpay for ACH Payroll Processing

Tuesday, October 10, 2017
Don't Overpay for ACH Payroll Processing

The Cachet Financial Services team loved getting to meet so many members of the payroll community last month at the Apex Payroll User Conference in Atlanta.

We heard from many of you about your frustrations with ACH for payroll processing services from your current providers. Here's an example of what we heard.

  • Banks: we were stunned to hear how much banks charge their clients for ACH direct deposit and that they're increasingly cutting off their ACH direct deposit clients
  • Non-Bank Providers: we were also surprised to hear about how much some of you are paying for ACH for payroll processing services and how some ACH payroll providers will only offer direct deposit for some of your clients and not all of them

We Make ACH Easier & Cost Effective

At Cachet, we don't believe you will find a better price than what we offer. What's more, we don't require secondary agreements with each of your clients and we don't pick and choose from among your clients.

If We Can't Save You Money, We'll Give It to You

If you have any doubts about the ACH for payroll processing service you're using, consider taking advantage of our free ACH for payroll processing audit. We'll conduct a thorough review of your current pricing. If we can't do the work for less than you're paying now, we'll give you $50 for your time. What do you have to lose?

And if you qualify for our Quantum service, we may even be able to slash your ACH for payroll processing costs by 25-50%...

Contact us for a no-obligation audit of your ACH costs



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