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East Coast Payroll ACH Processing Window Open Until 9pm ET

Friday, May 19, 2017
East Coast Payroll ACH Processing Window Open Until 9pm ET

For employers on the East Coast and elsewhere in the Eastern Time Zone, Cachet Financial Services has kept your ACH payroll processing window open for processing direct deposits until 9pm.

The cut off for banks is usually around 3pm, which gives you another six hours to process your ACH direct deposits. 9pm ET is also at least a half hour later than the few other ACH payroll processing providers out there.

What Does This Mean for You?

Have you every had to scramble to meet your bank’s early ACH payroll processing window? Have you had to work late the previous night or go through a mad rush on the day of?

Also, have you ever run into a payroll limit around the holidays or end-of-year bonus time?

What would it be like if you never had to go through that again? That’s what this means for you.

Other Benefits of Using Cachet for ACH Payroll Processing

We also don’t put a dollar limit on how much payroll you can process, which is especially important for companies that are growing.

We also do not require you to go through a NACHA audit. Instead, we are audited because we’re considered the third-party processor instead of you, which saves our clients thousands every year along with a big headache.

And we’ll never cut you off like banks commonly do.

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