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Eliminate the Pain of Payroll Reconciliation

Friday, July 28, 2017
Eliminate the Pain of Payroll Reconciliation

If you’re a CPA doing payroll reconciliation for your clients, if you are doing your own payroll reconciliation internally and/or if you’re using your bank to settle your tax funds, we have good news: we can cut all manual processing and transactional costs by 50% with our Quantum ACH Payroll Reconciliation service.


For CPAs that offer payroll reconciliation as part of their payroll service, it typically takes 4-6 hours every day to reconcile all client accounts properly. Many only reconcile their bank account instead of down to the client level because it’s so time-consuming, so they will miss if their client is out of balance.

If you don’t offer payroll reconciliation as a service, you now can and have Cachet Financial Services do all the heavy lifting.

Never Be Out of Balance Again

Because of the constant flow of payroll funds, companies can easily get out of balance in terms of payroll taxes owed – especially as these payments are usually made quarterly.

Yet, being out of balance can cause you to go bankrupt or go to jail, as it can appear as tax fraud and/or embezzlement to the IRS. So why don’t more CPAs and companies pay closer attention? Because it’s either incredibly time consuming or they haven’t had a service they could trust to do it.

Fortunately, things have changed. The best way to prevent being out of balance today is to use our Quantum payroll reconciliation service.

Cachet vs. Bank Payroll Tax Settlement

Using Quantum offers additional transactional savings that are significantly less than what your bank charges – typically 50% less.

If you use Cachet Financial Services to do ACH payroll processing and,you have your bank to settle your tax funds, we can instead settle them typically for half the cost. If your bank offers lower pricing we will beat them so just let us know what your costs are to see what we can do for you. And your funds are still federally insured because they are settled with our bank.

Not Sure?

Quantum can sound more complicated than it actually is. Simply contact us and we’ll talk you through all options and costs so that you can see how much opportunity this service offers for you and your clients.

Contact us to learn more about making payroll reconciliation a breeze

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