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IRS/Tax Agency Communication

Monday, November 05, 2012
IRS/Tax Agency Communication

Communicating with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) seems impossible, given the fact that they are responsible for tax collection from all individuals and businesses in the United States. When it comes to communicating with the IRS, it is important that you go through the proper channels to receive the most relevant information possible.

Businesses that outsource their payroll tax processing to a full-service provider, don’t have to worry because their payroll tax processor holds power of attorney (POA) and can deal directly with the IRS on their behalf. However, businesses with a more flexible payroll service or those who process their payroll taxes in-house hold the responsibility to communicate with the IRS should an error occur with their taxes.

Here are a few tips to make communicating with IRS a more painless task:

  • Have your Information Ready. Make sure you have all of the pertinent information (POA, Inquiry notice, FEIN) before you contact the IRS, they will make you call back if you can’t locate the information, which no one wants.
  • Don’t Delay. When it comes to handling matters with the IRS, respond quickly. The sooner you address an inquiry the less you will have to pay in penalties and interest.
  • Clear your Calendar. Since the IRS deals with all US businesses and citizens it can take up to or over an hour to reach the appropriate party. Having a stress ball handy may not be a bad idea…
  • The Later the Better. PTM Compliance Specialist, Vivian Leidelmeijer, one of PTM’s main correspondents with the IRS, shared an insight she has learned over her years of communicating with the IRS. She stated that if you call the IRS later in the afternoon, there is generally a shorter waiting time and the employees are more eager to help you quickly. This may be due to the fact that they want to get home by the end of the day, but either way, it’s effective!

If you have any further questions regarding IRS communication, year-end taxes, etc., Cachet and PTM would be happy to answer any questions. Post questions on Facebook or Twitter, or email us at There are limitless ways to have your questions answered, and Cachet Financial Services and Payroll Tax Management are here to help!

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