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Marketing to PEOs: 2 Best Practices

Wednesday, September 14, 2016
Marketing to PEOs: 2 Best Practices

Professional employer organizations have many options at their disposal when it comes to payroll processors. These companies, however, often choose banks, not fully understanding their other choices. Unfortunately, many of these financial institutions are moving away from providing ACH direct deposit payroll processing services, an important necessity for the majority of businesses. As a result, other parties need to step up and market their resources for this essential task. Let's look at some best practices for advertising to PEOs:

Highlight critical tools
Every payroll provider has its own set of helpful assets it utilizes to provide a better customer experience for PEOs. It's important for these service bureaus to share the specifics of these tools, and even demonstrate how the features will better assist companies. Cachet offers PEOs a $50 million crime bond as insurance for security concerns that occur when funds are in their hands, and will contact organizations directly if they have debits or credits in their account that need to be taken care of in a timely manner.

These tools showcase how service bureaus like Cachet are willing to go above and beyond for their clientele, especially those PEOs that may have been wary of not utilizing a financial institution at first.

Showcase technology that eases the transition
It can be worrisome for PEOs to make the move from a bank to a third-party payroll provider. The decision can be a challenging one, as many companies believe that the transition is more trouble than it's worth. Even with outdated websites and digital infrastructure, organizations still believe their current option is the best fit.

Cost of the switch and amount of downtime are just two elements that affect that choice for business leaders. Service bureaus have to show potential clients the technology that would be implemented as well as the solutions' benefits to change executives' minds, according to Tech Shepherd. Teaching PEOs and their employees how to use these systems effectively is another element payroll providers can use to better market their services.

Cachet's online system is user friendly and can be accessed on a 24-7 basis. The solution allows companies to maintain control over their accounts and the technology itself, with the capability to delete files, edit individual transactions, suspend batches and much more.

Marketing to PEOs relies on service bureaus and payroll providers’ ability to demonstrate how these resources will benefit each party. It's critical for these organizations to highlight not only their tools, but the overall technology that will make ACH payroll that much easier for PEOs. Cachet's ACH processing abilities are paired with a $50 million crime bond and efficient and effective technology, among many other features.

The upcoming National Association of Professional Employer Organizations Conference – held Sept. 7-9 in Austin, Texas – will feature a helpful session regarding real-world PEO marketing. Cachet will be in attendance at the two-day event to provide additional insight into how their services can benefit PEOs looking for ACH payroll services.

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