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Processing Payroll ACH in a Pinch: Example of Cachet Adding Value

Friday, August 04, 2017
Processing Payroll ACH in a Pinch: Example of Cachet Adding Value

Two weeks ago, a major cloud human capital management (HCM) system went down for 9 hours. The outage lasted from 2pm to 11pm Eastern Time, during a large portion of daily processing time. Because this was pretty close to a worse case scenario, Cachet Financial Services stepped up to serve our clients and here is what they had to say.

Crisis Averted

Our employees aren't going to let something like this stop us. The Cachet Financial Services team stayed in the office until 11pm EDT/8pm PDT when the cloud HCM servers came back online and we could process ACH direct deposits for our payroll clients who could finally get us their payroll files.

Since the 15th fell over the weekend, there were some very large payroll transactions that needed to be made and we helped our clients avoid the situation where tens of thousands of employees didn't get their paycheck – imagine the headache that was avoided.

Client Testimonials

"Thank you all for your assistance last Thursday. We were faced with a situation that could have been extremely costly to MassPay. We appreciate the help, responsiveness and flexibility that you were able to give us. Thanks to your assistance, we were able to submit our bank file and none of our clients were affected by the HCM software outage.

"In the 8 years I have been with MassPay I have always been impressed with the customer service that we receive from Cachet."

– VP of Operations, MassPay HR & Payroll Services

"I'm so thankful to your team for holding it open until 11pm EST! This prevented a huge client problem and I am very grateful. I know your other clients that were affected are as well. Thank you for a long and loyal partnership!"

– CEO, Thread HCM (formerly Choice Payroll)

What Would Your Provider Do?

If you're not one of our clients, would your bank or current ACH payroll processor do this for you? With most banks that we know, you’re lucky if the process payroll transactions after 3pm local time.

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