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Learn About Quantum Immediately Following IPPA 2017 Sales & Marketing Conference

Friday, December 30, 2016
Learn About Quantum Immediately Following IPPA 2017 Sales & Marketing Conference

IPPA members will have a unique opportunity to learn about Quantum at our symposium to be held at the conclusion of the IPPA Sales & Marketing Conference on February 22, 2017.

What Is Quantum?

Does reconciling your daily impound account liability keep you up at night?

Banks don't want to do it and payroll service bureaus don't want to act like your bank. With Quantum, you can avoid these scenarios, save on work hours reconciling manually, and reduce costs in returns, bank fees and transaction fees.

Quantum is a new product series powered by Cachet Financial Services and the FBGH family of companies. Quantum features streamlined account reconciliation that brings your payroll funds, banking and processing together – automatically, and so you'll never be out of balance with your daily impound account reconciliation again.

The Quantum Symposium

At our symposium, we’ll discuss daily impound account reconciliation down to the account level or client-by-client level – a process that occurs automatically.  Consider the mitigated risk, stay on top of reconciliation, alleviate agency notices and stay in balance with Quantum.

The Quantum Symposium will be held immediately following the conclusion of the IPPA Sales & Marketing Conference from noon to 3pm. Over lunch provided by us, you will gain critical insight and knowledge about how Quantum can impact your business to the point where you’ll wonder what you did before using it.

Early Bird Deal: Complimentary Travel Vouchers

If you sign up early, you will qualify for an airline travel voucher for your participation. What are you waiting for?

Contact us or call (855) 266-1660 if you have any questions about the Cachet Quantum symposium or the product itself.

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