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We're Spilling Secrets

Tuesday, March 19, 2019
We're Spilling Secrets

They say everybody loves a secret, but who are "they"?  And what are they hiding?

Secrets are everywhere you look in American culture, whether it's somebody peddling a get-rich-quick scheme, a UFO conspiracy or fluffier pancakes. The secret is chemistry. Also something called gluten protein bonding. But we'll leave the pancakes for another blog. 

11 Herbs and Spices You Probably Have at Home and Other Mystery Killers

The point is, you can't swing a dead CIA-trained spy cat without hitting someone offering to share a secret with you. Everybody may love a secret. But nobody, it seems, can keep one.

Author Rhonda Byrne had a secret. She published it 30 million times and let them make a movie about it. Victoria isn't exactly keeping hers under wraps... From success to happiness to weird off-menu hamburgers, everywhere you look the secret is out – and Instagramming like a Kardashian.

How much longer can it be before we are making Kentucky Fried Chicken at home and using Austrian-folded napkins to wipe the grease from our chins? And while it's a little sad to think of the mystery that will be lost when there is no longer such a thing as a state-secret napkin fold, we've come to see the burden that comes from keeping a secret too long. The compulsion to share becomes overwhelming.

Who are we to keep our version of the chili cheese burrito burger from the world?

It's No Secret We Love Our Clients

It's time we came clean and let the spy cat out of the bag. There is a full range of services that we can provide to our clients, but we've been keeping some of them mostly to ourselves.

While we do provide secure, reliable ACH processing with a unique automation platform that makes us the most efficient and economical ACH payroll processor in the marketplace, our decades of experience as payroll industry innovators has left us well positioned to provide additional help from time to time. It's like a secret menu of business solutions for the payroll industry. And like patties of meat stacked precariously inside a hamburger bun, there is no such thing as too many solutions. We've got lots of them.

At Cachet Financial Services, we love our clients the way fast food fans love hybrid burritos and precariously-stacked meat patties. That's no secret.

To learn more about what we can do for you, call us or click on the link below.

Our clients have access to an array of additional solutions through our sister companies Payroll Tax Management, Time Rack and SBS Payroll.

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