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ACH Payroll Provider Case Study: Pioneer Payroll Services

Monday, January 23, 2017
ACH Payroll Provider Case Study: Pioneer Payroll Services

Pioneer Payroll Services (PPS) was experiencing delayed ACH direct deposit payroll transactions and poor customer service from its previous vendor.

With Cachet Financial Service, PPS payroll transactions are now made on time, in minutes instead of hours with much more responsive customer service. This saves PPS 30-40 hours per month.

ACH Payroll Processing Problems

President Robert Szetela and VP Kurt Toegel turned to Cachet’s ACH payroll processing and direct deposit service with top-notch customer care at an opportune time. The payroll processor’s previous vendor struggled to complete ACH transactions for their 100 clients in a timely manner and had even switched to an unbalanced file system to rectify the problem. The new technology solution didn’t do the trick, as difficult-to-meet deadlines left PPS out of luck. For example, a Tuesday due date for a Friday payroll didn’t guarantee the funds would be transferred on time.

ACH Delays

While the previous vendor implemented the unbalanced file system to ensure all the appropriate funds were available, it was not effective enough for PPS’s needs. Transfers ended up being held for multiple days, and it took the service provider another few days to send the ACH to its destination. PPS did have a backup bank for ACH transactions but it was only able to handle transactions under $1,000.

Poor Customer Service

To make matters worse, the previous vendor of PPS also provided poor customer service. Not only did representatives interact with Pioneer Payroll Services with a lackadaisical attitude, but the organization didn’t seem to understand how important timeliness was to the ACH process. The vendor’s leaders didn’t realize the problem with its offerings and opted not to take the steps necessary to improve the relationship. The lack of reliability and efficiency was a large issue for PPS, causing them to look elsewhere for assistance with its direct deposit ACH tasks.

Pioneer Payroll Services needed a partner with more flexible deadlines and the ability to send larger sums of money by the company’s payroll date.

ACH Payroll Solution

Since hiring Cachet as its direct deposit ACH payroll provider in 2011, Pioneer Payroll Services has witnessed many positive changes. After speaking with a representative who detailed Cachet’s knowledge of the industry and ACH process, Szetela and Toegel knew the organization was the right partner.

The implementation process was quick and painless. Cachet offered swift answers to any questions, whether about software integration or ACH deadlines, which further created a trustworthy, mutually beneficial relationship.

Transactions that would take an hour or more to complete with its previous vendor were now finalized within a few minutes with Cachet. Customer service inquiries are now answered in less than 24 hours by professional and friendly representatives. Cachet also has enabled PPS to send transfers in high quantities, unlike its backup bank.

Overall, Pioneer Payroll Services has saved a lot of time and effort through its partnership with Cachet. Batches of transactions could be sent later into the evening, as Cachet operates on West Coast time. PPS has also received high-quality customer care for any questions they encountered. Pioneer Payroll Services’ relationship with Cachet is still flourishing to this day, and both Szetela and Toegel are pleased with the assistance they’re receiving.

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About PPS

Based in Chicopee, Massachusetts, Pioneer Payroll Services (PPS) has provided companies with payroll and timekeeping assistance and software since 1995. PPS is dedicated to ensuring its clients comply with all necessary tax regulations and codes and are able to offer an experienced team of professionals for businesses’ compensation needs with maximum efficiency.

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