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Free Audit Can Tell You if You're Paying Too Much for ACH Direct Deposit Services

Wednesday, December 06, 2017
Free Audit Can Tell You if You're Paying Too Much for ACH Direct Deposit Services

At Cachet Financial Services, ACH for payroll processing is the core of what we do. Our management has five decades of experience in the payroll and payroll tax industries and we've contributed a number of key firsts and innovations. We process more $140 billion annually for more than 110,000 employers.

It's a business we built by being out front at every step, incorporating state-of-the-art automation and efficiency without compromising on the kind of personal service our payroll service bureau and corporate clients rely upon.

How does this compare with your bank's processing of your ACH for payroll direct deposits? Find out with our free ACH for payroll processing audit.

Cachet vs. Your Bank

At Cachet, deep experience and broad capabilities have built incredible efficiencies for our clients. We've built our business around a commitment to providing ACH services that are as easy to use as they are cost-effective. That means staying in front of advances in technology that allow us to do more, and to do it faster and more securely. The result is that we can offer below market pricing for ACH processing services, even as we provide the highest level of service, security and user experience.

While banks are good at making loans, and handling savings and checking accounts, they simply aren't experts in ACH for payroll processing. They offer the service in an attempt to add value but often fall short in these areas:

Either Way, You Win

Contact us for a free audit and you might be surprised at how much more you're paying for ACH processing than our clients do. We may cut your ACH costs in half.

And, if we can't do the same job for less, we'll give you $50 for your time. That's what we call a win-win, which is how we work whether you become a client or not.

This offer is restricted to new clients. Qualifications and other restrictions apply.

Contact us for a no-obligation audit of your ACH payroll processing



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