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Cachet vs. Your Bank for ACH Payroll Processing

Tuesday, January 30, 2018
Cachet vs. Your Bank for ACH Payroll Processing

As a payroll provider, you know how much it takes to keep up with the demands of the job. Laws change, people change, systems are constantly undergoing tweaks. The pace seems to double every few months. The only thing that doesn't change is the expectation that no matter what complications get thrown into the process, the margin of error is essentially none.

So the decision of whom to partner with for ACH payroll processing is not something you can simply push off onto your bank without taking the time to learn about the alternatives.

Is your bank really the best option for ACH payroll processing? Let's look at the arguments.

ACH Payroll Processing Specialists vs. Your Bank as a Generalist

You already have a relationship with a bank. If they offer ACH services in addition to all of their other services, it may seem like an easy decision to stick with what you know. But just because your bank offers ACH payroll services doesn't mean that your bank has particular expertise in ACH services. Banks do a lot of different things.

At Cachet Financial Services, we focus on one thing: ACH payroll processing services to the payroll industry. We process $140 billion annually in ACH transactions for more than 110,000 employers and we are innovators in our industry. Our management team has been part of the payroll and payroll tax industries since 1969. Our patented, automated system is fast, secure and provides our clients with the access they need to manage their history and maintain internal controls.

We understand our clients' ACH challenges because providing ACH is what we do. We're specialists.

Payroll Reconciliation

When you use Cachet for your ACH payroll processing, you also have access to Quantum payroll reconciliation, which provides daily reconciliation of the transactions moving through your funds held for client accounts. With three patents specific to the payroll industry, Quantum has a unique double-entry system that guarantees balanced accounts. Banks will never reconcile your account.

ACH Direct Deposit Costs

If you're using your bank for ACH payroll processing, you're not just paying for less, you're also paying more for it. When we attend the payroll conferences throughout the year, we are always surprised to learn how much banks are charging their clients for ACH direct deposit. Because ACH payroll is our core business, we typically beat bank pricing by up to 50%.


We were also surprised to learn that some ACH payroll providers limited their direct deposit services to select businesses. At Cachet, our practices are designed to make things easier for our clients. We do not pick and choose which clients you can do business with. We look for ways to solve problems. That's why we expanded the window for ACH direct deposit payroll processing to 6pm PST/PDT.

This gives organizations on the East Coast until 9pm EST/EDT to upload ACH files and process their direct payroll deposits. Many of our competitors have limited processing hours and the window for banks typically closes at 3pm in their own time zone. At Cachet, our clients don't have to rush.

What You're Getting Now vs. What You Could Be Getting from Cachet

If you are not sure whether you're getting all you should be out of your ACH provider, take advantage of our free audit to find out how much we can save you. If we can't do the work for less than you are paying now, we'll give you $50 for your time. And, if you qualify for our Quantum service, we may be able to slash your ACH for payroll processing costs by as much as 50%.

Contact us for a free audit of your ACH direct deposit costs

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